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Adjusting the rabbit ears on your TV set

Watching Television?
Went Obsolete
Made Obsolete By
Cable and other signal providers
Knowledge Assumed
Broadcast signal is still available
When useful
When primary signal provider is down

Before cable and satelite people received their television signals over the air. Some people put large antennas on their roof, but for many the rabbit ear antenna sitting on top of their television was their only antenna. It usually consisted of two collapsible antennas at a minimum. They could either be attached directly to the tv, or separate on their own base. Sometimes they had an additional loop antenna for picking up UHF signals as well.

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2008-02-26 04:33:41   No way man. I adjust the rabit ears quite often. And save $50 a month doing it. —

2011-10-26 18:35:25   This skill is no longer obsolete: the emergence of Over The Air Digital transmission, television viewers are returning to rabbit ear antennae. The reception may not be as finicky as it was with analog OTA broadcasts, but the rabbit ears do occasionally require adjustment as described in the above article. —DominiqueRousset

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