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Blowing on an NES cartridge to make it work

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Console Gaming
Went Obsolete
When all commercial consoles turned to CD, Approx. 1997?
Made Obsolete By
Modern game consoles using CD/DVD technology
Knowledge Assumed
You know what NES is (Nintendo Entertainment System)
When useful
When using an NES console to play games

The first step is to remove the game from the console with some degree of consternation. The next step is to blow on the bottom of the game (where the arrow points) in a back and forth motion (picture playing a harmonica) until you feel light headed and dizzy. When feeling light headed and dizzy, continue blowing on the cartridge as to not let any dust settle. If dust settles on the cartridge, the game may not work. You then quickly but carefully re-insert the game into the console and try it again. If this doesn't work you repeat the process albeit with an elevated degree of consternation.
Another method of fixing NES games beyond blowing may be to get a Q-tip wet and carefully run it along the cartridge to pick up any dirt or dust that refuses to leave the cartridge through the blowing method. This only has varying degree of success and ultimately also requires a little blowing to dry the dampness left as a result of the wet Q-tip.

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