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Hand crank a car to start it


Crank.jpgA WWI era truck still in use in 2007 at a [WWW]Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association festival.

Starting an internal combustion engine on a car, boat or other conveyance
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Electric Starters
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When you need to start your Morris Minor and hitting the starter motor with a spanner hasn’t helped.

To start a car with a hand crank, you need a hand crank, which will be with the tool kit. You may also need someone to put their foot on the accellerator, as well as fast reactions.

1 - Pull out choke

2 - depress accellerator pedal a couple of times to prime the engine

3 - Ensure that the HAND BRAKE IS ON!

4 - Make sure that the car's GEAR IS IN NEUTRAL!

5 - Switch on ignition

6 - Insert hand crank into the drive shaft of the engine. There will be a hole at the front of the car (usually under the number place)

7 - Cup the hand crank in your hand. Do not grip with your thumb. When the engine starts, you could break your thumb or other hand bones if you do as the handle can jump with quite a force.

8 - Crank the handle smartly. Be prepared to pull your hand away when the engine starts.

9 - Remove handle from engine. It will very likely have moved free of the hand drive shaft when it started

Sometimes you may need an extra helper to lightly squeeze the accelerator pedal just after the engine has started. Pints 4 and 5 are VERY important. Fail to do these safety checks, and you could end up in the embarrassing position of being run over by your own car.

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2008-02-20 03:24:13   Pretty soon using a key to start a car will be obsolete. Pushbutton start makes keys feel so ancient. —

  Push button starting isn’t new - lots of old cars did it. This was replaced by keys in the ignition. Buttons in cars add an air of class.

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